To set good examples and provide direction, guidance and inspiration to others – top brand in Real Estate Development.


Dedication and commitment to one’s work to the best of his ability and resources – respect and development of people, abiding by the code of conduct, proactivity, protecting the good image of the company, respect personal differences, having a sense of urgency, quality management.


Continuous improvement, new ideas, thinking out of the box, breakthroughs in design, systems and technologies – grow the business through innovation.


Adherence to the highest standard of values in conducting oneself as well as well as in business – honesty and hard work, following the rules, deliver on our promise, word of honor, designing within building codes and standards.


Working and communicating towards the same goals – giving and receiving constructive feedback, proactively resolving conflicts, promoting harmony, don’t play politics, synchronized activities, don’t spread rumors.


Anticipating and responding to the current and emerging needs of clients in the most efficient manner – customer top mind, efficient processes at the service of internal and external customer.


Enhancing the way we do things through the Confucian ethic that promotes prudence, practicality, hard work and loyalty – exercise prudence in making decision, prudent use of company resources, emulate and replicate best design and practices.