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Property Admin Department

Responsible for the effective and efficient implementation of the company’s property administration system which will cover all FLI Group’s raw lands and investment properties for future development both horizontal and vertical.

Administration includes:

  • Grounds maintenance and upkeep
  • Physical security and safety
  • Payment of all Real Property and Estate taxes


  • Assures all properties are physically secured. No illegal settlers within the property. Achieve zero casualties and no pilferage or losses.
  • Achieve optimum number security guard/s and comply to Government mandated minimum wage orders. Minimize security expenses.
  • Create harmonious relationship with the Brgy. and Local officials.
  • Taxes and other government assessment related to property ownership are complied thus avoiding penalties.


  • Updating/reconciling all the master list of all Landholdings to establish completeness. Review of individual Tax Declarations to check if there are no arrears on RET.
  • Review of the current manpower and conduct test of reasonableness. Achieve optimum security guard deployment by conducting threat and risk assessments. Use of machines to lessen manpower.
  • Formulate transition procedure prior to actual takeover of the property.
  • Creation, development and implementation of Company’s Policy and Procedure with regards to Asset Management and Administration.

Project Development Process